Tips to Prepare Your Child for Required Immunizations

Doctors in The Woodlands, TX | SpringMedicalAssociates.comEvery parents knows that immunization time can be quite stressful, both for the parent who has to subject their children to large needles and for the child who only knows that the needles are going to hurt. For parents who have children at the age of three or four, who require immunizations prior to entering kindergarten, should look to prepare their child for their visit with the doctors in The Woodlands, TX.

School-aged children will benefit from having a longer preparation time, so make sure that you discuss the vaccine with your child and explain to them what it entails and why the vaccine is important.

Before the appointment, permitting you have permission from your doctor, you can always go out and buy numbing patches or cream that will numb the pain receptors in the skin. This can be applied about an hour prior to the appointment and then taken off, if it is a patch, just before going into the doctor’s office.

This may help put your child at ease if they are having difficulty coping. Other than this, it is important to stay calm and answer any questions that your child may have about the vaccines. Remind them that it will help them stay healthy and make sure not to use words that would alert them like pain or stinging.

Once you are in the office, you should look to comfort the child. Try using words that distract them from the fact that they are getting a needle. You can even use items like books or toys that your children get excited about or really enjoy playing with.

For instance, bring your child’s favourite book along or if your child is really into video games, let them bring their portable one with them into the appointment. Overall, the doctors at Spring Medical Associates will ensure that the actual needle procedure is as quick and painless as possible. As long as you keep your body relaxed and do not stress out over it, your child will have a much easier time in staying calm and coping with the situation.

Afterwards, you may take your child out for a treat, if they are particularly good in the appointment, or do something to show them that even though some necessary doctors’ appointments can be painful, it is important and vital to their overall health.