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When Should You See a Urologist?

Urologist in Spring, TX | SpringMedicalAssociates.comIt is a common misconception that urologists only treat men. In fact, there are urologists who treat women as well as children. Unfortunately, most women believe that it is their gynecologist who will help them with medical treatment when it comes to their urinary tract.

Rather, if you are having an issue with this area, your primary care physician should refer you to a urologist in Spring TX. In most cases, several healthcare professionals will be involved in treating your condition. If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer or severe pelvic pain, you may have a urologist plus an oncologist or gynecologist on your medical team.

No matter how minimal your problem may seem, it is important to resolve the urological problem as it can be a warning sign of something more serious going on.

What Men Should Look For

For men, you should look to seek out a urologist if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. More than likely, this is a sign that there are bigger problems such as hypertension, renal failure, or vascular disease.

If a male has leaking urine or incontinence or if there is blood within the urine, then a urologist is a must go-to as this can be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer. Other symptoms that should not be ignored are: lower abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, decrease sexual desire, infertility, and testicular masses.

What Women Should Look For

Women on the other hand, need to seek out a urologist if they find frequent urges to urinate, have blood in your urine, have leaking urine, pain when your urinate or find that you have pain in your back or along your sides when you need to go. In women, bladder control problems can be because of a weak bladder, from an overactive bladder or from and UI overflow.

In addition to this, women can have their bladder fall into the vagina. This can be fixed with surgery and is often occurs after giving birth. Women also need to watch out for cancer in the bladder/bladder lining, kidneys and the urethra.  Finally, chronic kidney disease which has symptoms such as low energy, problems sleeping, frequent urination, trouble concentrating, and loss of appetite, is a sign that your kidneys are gradually losing function.

All of these can be treated by an urologist in Spring, TX, and should be looked at immediately. If you choose to go to your primary care physician and do not get a referral, self-refer yourself to a local urologist and get yourself checked out.