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Protecting Infants from Germs

It’s no secret that germs are everywhere around us. When most people hear the term “baby-proofing” they tend to associate it with keeping the home safe for infants so that they will not get into harmful substances, put their fingers somewhere they don’t belong and the like. However, this phrase has another meaning – keeping your home free from germs that may harm your child.

Within the first year of your child’s life, it is extremely important to ensure that the home is not filled with potentially harmful germs, as it is during this time that the infant’s immune system is at its weakest point. Let’s explore the following areas that are breeding grounds for these harmful germs, not only to your newborn, but also to your whole family.

Perhaps the number one location for the most germs is the kitchen, especially in and around the kitchen sink. For example, the sponge or washcloth used to wash the dishes or clean the countertops and tables. It is safe to say that the places where germs are most likely to lurk are areas in which water or moisture is prevalent. Keeping that in mind, it is best to replace sponges after one month of use.

The next area is the bathroom. Again, we are looking at areas where water and moisture are present. The bathroom sink is a main area, as well as your baby’s tub, their bath toys, the floor and any counter space near the sink.

This location may come as a surprise, but your child’s room is the next area where the most germs will lurk. Consider any accessories in the bedroom such as humidifiers, toys, floor mats or crib railings.

It’s also important to remember that germs will be present on the remote control for electronics, cell phones, breast milk pumps and door knobs.

Keep these in mind when taking the steps to “baby-proof” your home. You will want to keep track of how often these items are cleaned and are replaced, when possible, in no more than a month’s time. At Spring Medical Associates, your local pediatrician Houston TX services, we can help you successfully prevent harmful illness in your child by providing you with the tips and information needed to baby-proof your home today.