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Dealing with Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain issues is very stressful. It’s hard to properly treat pain without a plan, so you can count on the team at North Houston Specialty Physicians to help you with a wide array of issues. Whether you are dealing with back and neck pain or are having problems with headaches, spasticity, or osteoarthritis, Dr. Vincent Talosig, our intervention specialist, is ready to help you.

Dr. Talosig understands pain management is very personal and not the same for every individual. When you meet with him, he will discuss your needs and issues. Once he has all of the relevant information on hand, he will work hard to provide you with an exceptional plan to help you control your pain. Once he starts your plan, he will meet with you after a while to reassess your plan and make sure that everything is working out.

Contact Dr. Talosig and his team today to make an appointment for Houston pain management care. As part of the Spring Medical Associates network, they are happy to meet with you and work on a special plan for your needs. We believe that no one should have to live in pain, so we work hard to make your pain as manageable as possible.