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ENT Doctors in the Houston Area

Otolaryngology is the area of medicine dealing specifically with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose and throat or ENT for short. ENT doctors can also treat and provide ways to manage conditions pertaining to sinuses, throat, voice box, face and neck. Spring Medical Associates is dedicated to providing the most advanced medical and surgical solutions for such diseases in this region of the body.

Our patients will receive outstanding care and the most up-to-date forms of treatment for ENT conditions and disorders. We provide care for both pediatric and adult diseases and disorders in this region of the body. In addition, we test for, diagnose and treat skin cancer, hearing loss and allergies. We will also provide hearing aids, surgical intervention for tumors in this region and advanced techniques for sinus surgery.

The ENT doctors at Spring Medical Associates are here when you need them to treat ENT-related symptoms. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Donepudi or Dr. Harirchian to provide the care and attention your ENT conditions require. When you visit our ENT doctors in Houston, you’ll find the relief you’ve been looking for and the answers you need. Don’t let another day go by without seeing an ENT specialist; contact us today!