Preventing the Common Cold with Spring Primary Care

Throughout the year many children miss school and adults miss work due to symptoms of the common cold. Every year there are millions of common cold cases reported in the United States. While most people will suffer from these symptoms in the winter and spring seasons, it is possible to get a cold at any time of the year. It is possible to suffer from more than one cold per year, as well. On average, adults will get 2 to 3 colds each year, while children have even more. With a primary care physician Spring TX like the friendly and knowledgeable staff of Spring Medical Associates, you can be sure you and your children will be recovering from the common cold in no time.

Rhinoviruses are the most common culprit for triggering these symptoms, so it is important to take precautions against them. These viruses spread from those who have been infected through the air and close personal contact to others around them. For example, the rhinovirus can be spread through shaking hands with an infected individual or touching a door handle that has viruses on it. If you then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you have increased your chances of falling victim to this infection.

Thanks to the help of a primary care physician Spring TX like the expert staff at Spring Medical Associates, you can help lower the risk of frequent common colds for you and your family. Start by washing your hands with soap and water. Washing often and scrubbing for 20 seconds can help get rid of viruses that may be living on your hands or your children’s hands.

A primary care physician Spring TX will remind you that it is also important not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands if you have not washed them prior to doing so. Touching these parts of your face while viruses may be living on your hands will increase your likelihood of getting sick. You may even want to get in the habit of not touching your face at all unless it is absolutely necessary – this way you will not accidentally spread any potential viruses from your hand.

This last tip may go without saying, but it is still important for a primary care physician Spring TX to stress: stay away from people who are already sick. Close contact with people who are sick will increase the chance for that common cold virus to be spread to others around them. When possible, try to disinfect frequently touched surfaces or objects if you know someone who is sick has just come in contact with them.

If you’re searching for relief from the common cold, contact a primary care physician Spring TX today – the experts at Spring Medical Associates will gladly provide you with the care and compassion you need to start feeling better fast!