How Do You Know When It’s Time to Switch Pediatricians?

Many parents take their children to same pediatrician for years, and it’s not unless they move or the doctor leaves the clinic that they consider finding a new doctor. However, it is possible that a better doctor for your child is out there. If you’re considering switching pediatricians, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Can You See the Doctor When You Need to?
The best pediatrician in Spring, TX must be available when you need her. If you’re told you have to wait days or weeks when you call to make an appointment, it’s time to move on to a clinic that’s more concerned about helping you when necessary. At Spring Medical Associates, if your child can’t see her doctor within a few days, we’ll suggest she see another doctor or nurse practitioner — or head to a walk-in clinic or ER as necessary.

Does the Doctor Answer All of Your Questions?
Doctors are busy, especially pediatricians who have a lot of kids to see. But you should never feel like the doctor is already halfway out the door when he examines your child. The right doctor will be patient and go out of his way to make sure your child is comfortable. He won’t move on to the next patient until all of your questions are answered.

Does the Doctor Have the Right Experience?
The best doctors don’t have to have spent years in the medical field before you consider bringing your child to her, but she should have a good education and years of experience shadowing the best pediatricians. If something feels substandard about your child’s pediatrician, ask about her experience.

Book an appointment with a family doctor at one of our Spring Medical Associates locations to see how you like your child’s new pediatrician. The warm, welcoming environment and our staff members’ patience will make both you and your child feel comfortable. Contact us with any questions you have about switching today.