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How to Make Your Child More Comfortable at the Doctor’s Office

It’s not unusual for a child to be nervous about going to the doctor, no matter how patient and friendly the doctor is. Perhaps the child doesn’t like the change in environment, or he remembers something unpleasant like getting a shot in the past. However, it’s important you take your child to every necessary doctor’s appointment. Luckily, there are ways to make her more comfortable.

Find the Right Doctor
The best type of primary care physician in Spring, TX specializes in family medicine and knows how to make a child less nervous about a doctor’s appointment. The doctors and staff at Spring Medical Associates do everything possible to make a child feel at ease. It all starts with a warm, welcoming doctor’s office.

Offer a Reward
Offer to take your child to a place she loves — such as a dessert parlor, a library, a park, or a toy store — after each doctor’s visit to give your child something to look forward to after she makes it through the visit. Alternatively, you can give your child a small gift or offer to play his favorite game at home.

Bring a ‘Friend’
A cuddly stuffed animal will make your child feel more secure before and during the doctor’s visit. Pretend the toy is also getting a health check and needs a doctor to “make him feel better,” to encourage the child to go for the “stuffed animal’s sake.”

When you book an appointment, feel free to ask the staff at Spring Medical Associates for more tips on making the visit easier on your child. Our goal is not only to offer the most effective treatment, but also to put our patients at ease. We’re used to nervous children — and we make sure they leave our offices with a smile.