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Combating Spring Allergies

Spring time brings about so many great things. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and there is life brought back to bare trees. It is an amazing sight to see, unless you’re one of the 50 million who suffer from seasonal allergies. When this time of year hits, all you see is a running nose, itchy eyes, and, of course, an endless supply of tissues. Research shows that the higher the pollen count, the worse your allergies will be. April is a time for regrowth and heavy pollination. Not only are the flowers blooming, but also the grass is starting to grow after winter.

As spring continues on, May is still a time for trees to be in the pollination state, causing a lot of sneezing and combined with the grass pollen you might be stuffed up all spring long! The best thing to do is visit a medical clinic of Houston doctor at Spring Medical Associates to get diagnosed with seasonal allergies so you can begin treatment for you specific allergies. Do not let allergy season keep you away from the beauty in which spring has to offer!