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Employee of the Month

Employee of the MonthViola Marshall is a CCMA for Cy-Fair Medical Partner West Rd clinic who supports Dr. Richard Bang and Dr. Yelena Krupnik. Viola brings to us more than 15 years of clinical healthcare service. Originally from Louisiana she relocated to Houston after the devastations of Hurricane Katrina.

Viola’s tenure with TPR started in the float pool. At the West Rd clinic she came to us when he had no staff and she worked hard to keep us afloat. There were some days Viola managed to support both providers in seeing more than 35 patients, returned all the patients calls, finished her tasks, and entered all her charges timely. Throughout our staffing troubles Viola supported us all and never wavered in her diligence to provide stellar customer care. Viola is a welcome addition to our office and we are proud that she has been awarded the first ever TPR Employee of the Month Reward. Her story is one deserving of our gratitude and this award. Thank you, Viola.

Protect Yourself and Others From the Flu Today!

Primary Care Physician in Spring, TX  | SpringMedicalAssociates.comWhether you missed the initial flu shot drive or are want to get some questions and concerns addressed about the vaccination, going to your primary care physician in Spring, TX should be your first stop with anything related to the flu vaccination.

No one else knows you better than your family physician, which means they can address anything from the flu to sore throats, colds and any types of aches and pains that come from contracting the flu. You should not go to urgent care to get a flu shot done, as it’s not an emergent issue and your primary care doctor will know how you will react to the vaccine better.

There are many reasons why you should get the vaccination, however many often forego getting it because they either don’t have the time or don’t believe they will contract it. Instead of foregoing it this year, check out these reasons as to why you should get it!

First and foremost, it can save your life! Serious complications can arise from contracting the flu including infections such as ear and sinuses, dehydration can occur and for those who have chronic illnesses, these can actually worsen.

Plus, for those who don’t like needles, there is an alternative needle-less version that is available through a nasal spray. However, those who are pregnant or those who have asthma won’t be able to have the nasal spray and each individual must be between the ages of two and forty-nine.

In addition to the above, you will not lose any type of sick day for going and getting it, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on productive work days. You will not contract the flu from the vaccine and the sooner you get it, the more likely it is that you will stay healthy throughout the flu season. Your primary care physician in Spring, TX, can give you a tailor made flu shot for anyone over the age of sixty-five and for anyone below the age of two.

Making the Change: Transition Smoothly to a New Physician

Houston Family Physicians | SpringMedicalAssociates.comAlthough there is a lot involved with making the transition to a new physician, as long as you ensure that you have all of your bases covered, then transitioning to new Houston family physicians should go smoothly.

However, in order to ensure that it does, there are a few things that you need to do prior to leaving your old doctor and then a few things you need to do once you have found a new doctor.

First and foremost, you do not have to tell your current doctor that you are leaving but if you are leaving because of an issue that you have experienced with your doctor that would be good information to provide them.

Once you have decided that you have valid reasons for leaving your current doctor, there are a few things you should do.

  • Always find a doctor that is willing to take you into their practice before leaving your current one. Although this may seem obvious, there are a lot of issues that can arise which will leave you out in the cold if you don’t do this. Some doctors won’t accept new patients, others are specialists who are already booked and some only take certain types of insurance.
  • One way to go about identifying a new doctor is to look at all current Houston family physicians that are practicing in the area and see if you can get a referral. This referral can come from other medical doctors, from family members or from friends.
  • Review carefully. You will need to look at what type of practice they run, whether they accept your insurance and what type of ailments they can treat. You want a family doctor that can treat you with accessible clinic hours and convenient location.
  • Schedule with both old and new. Schedule an appointment with candidates to ensure that you feel comfortable with whomever you pick. Once you have found the right one, schedule one last visit with your current doctor and ask for copies of your medical records for the past five years.

Upon finding a new doctor, it is best to schedule an appointment for a full physical. Not only does this give your new doctor a chance to see your medical history and get to know you, but it is a great way to start off your relationship with them. Make sure that your write down a list of questions for your new doctor and make sure that you share relevant information with them in a respectful and polite manner.

Tips to Prepare Your Child for Required Immunizations

Doctors in The Woodlands, TX | SpringMedicalAssociates.comEvery parents knows that immunization time can be quite stressful, both for the parent who has to subject their children to large needles and for the child who only knows that the needles are going to hurt. For parents who have children at the age of three or four, who require immunizations prior to entering kindergarten, should look to prepare their child for their visit with the doctors in The Woodlands, TX.

School-aged children will benefit from having a longer preparation time, so make sure that you discuss the vaccine with your child and explain to them what it entails and why the vaccine is important.

Before the appointment, permitting you have permission from your doctor, you can always go out and buy numbing patches or cream that will numb the pain receptors in the skin. This can be applied about an hour prior to the appointment and then taken off, if it is a patch, just before going into the doctor’s office.

This may help put your child at ease if they are having difficulty coping. Other than this, it is important to stay calm and answer any questions that your child may have about the vaccines. Remind them that it will help them stay healthy and make sure not to use words that would alert them like pain or stinging.

Once you are in the office, you should look to comfort the child. Try using words that distract them from the fact that they are getting a needle. You can even use items like books or toys that your children get excited about or really enjoy playing with.

For instance, bring your child’s favourite book along or if your child is really into video games, let them bring their portable one with them into the appointment. Overall, the doctors at Spring Medical Associates will ensure that the actual needle procedure is as quick and painless as possible. As long as you keep your body relaxed and do not stress out over it, your child will have a much easier time in staying calm and coping with the situation.

Afterwards, you may take your child out for a treat, if they are particularly good in the appointment, or do something to show them that even though some necessary doctors’ appointments can be painful, it is important and vital to their overall health.

Top Tips for Alleviating Cold and Flu Symptoms in Toddlers

Pediatrician in Spring TX  | SpringMedicalAssociates.comThere is nothing worse than having a toddler with cold and flu symptoms. From the fevers, to the runny noses, to the headaches and the coughing, your toddler is not going to be a happy camper which makes you an unhappy parent. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can minimize their discomfort and alleviate their symptoms.

Keep in mind though, if your first thought is to grab the cold medicines, most are not recommended for children under the age of six. Instead, make sure you do the following:

  • Make sure you keep your toddler hydrated constantly, especially if they have a fever as fevers will dehydrate them very quickly.
  • Cook easy-to-digest meals such as: soup, bananas, toast, crackers, and rice so that your child can be nourished. Make sure that your child eats, even when they don’t feel like it.
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier to help your child if they have nasal congestion. Most often this is used during sleeping hours to ensure that your child gets plenty of rest.
  • Use saltwater nose drops to loosen up mucus to help them breathe better or use a bulb syringe if your child does not fidget.
  •  Make sure that your child is sitting upright as much as possible as this will also make breathing easier.
  • Try giving your child ice pops, soft fruit drinks mixed in a blender, or cut up fruit like grapes or melons to promote fluid intake.
  • Dress your child in layers as this makes it easier to help them when they get cold and hot.
  • If your child is younger than five years, you may want to visit a pediatrician in Spring, TX to get antiviral medication. This type of medication can help reduce the duration of the infection.
  • If your child is over the age of one, you can try using honey to help with the cough.

If you are planning on giving your child any type of medication, make sure that it is warranted. You can call a pediatrician in Spring TX to find out if the situation does warrant medication and if it does make sure that you get the correct dosage.

If your child is over six months of age, ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be used but make sure to stick to one or another. If antihistamines or decongestants are prescribed, make sure to read the bottle to crosscheck what you are giving your child as some medications do include acetaminophen.

Discussing Urological Concerns: What to Expect!

Huston Urology Clinic | SpringMedicalAssociates.comWhen it comes to the female and male urinary tract as well as the male reproductive organs, any concerns that an individual has should be directed towards a urologist who is a physician that has specialized knowledge in these areas.

There are a wide variety of problems that can be encountered in these areas though so there are sub-specialties associated with the discipline that include: oncology, pediatrics, renal transplantation, urinary tract stones, infertility and impotence. Determining what type of concerns you have will narrow down whether you need to visit a general urologist or one that has been trained in a sub-specialty. If you are unsure, you should discuss your options with a general urologist at our Houston urology clinic.

Once you have made an appointment to see a urologist, you should expect to answer a host of questions that surround topics like: how is your sexual health or incontinence been, have you had any urinary tract symptoms, how has your urination been and what type of medications are you taking including over-the-counter medications, supplements and vitamins?

During your visit, you may be asked to provide a urine sample and you will be required to provide a detailed medical history. Finally, the physician may want to do a physical exam and discuss treatment plans for your issue. If it is just questions that you have or concerns about your future health, then you may not be provided with treatment plans and you may not need to give a urine sample.

Keep in mind that the physician can also answer questions related to kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer as well as stones and cysts.

In terms of urological symptoms that you should be watching out for, any amount of blood in the urine, pain when you go, or if you have any urinary pattern changes should be well documented. Our Houston urology clinic can help diagnose problems associated with the inability to urinate, incontinence, or infertility. Urinary tract infections and impotence can also be treated with personalized treatment plans.

The Importance of Houston Family Physicians

Whether you visit a general family physician, a student medical intern, or a nurse practitioner, the important thing is that you receive primary care on a regular basis. Houston family physicians in the Spring Medical Associates network are qualified providers that offer preventive care, help treat issues when they arise, and give guidance for improving overall health and wellness.

For many adults, a primary care physician is the most important aspect of their health care. Unfortunately, far too many people do not have this. When people have no access to a regular primary care provider, or if they do not take advantage of the one they do have, they can often find themselves getting sick more often and with more admissions to the ER and hospitals. Without regular screening, prevention, care, and guidance, people are usually unable to adequately address all of their health and wellness needs and suffer because of their self-reliance.

Good primary care can help you with the following:

  • Avoid hospitalization
  • Reduce heart disease
  • Avoid stroke
  • Take advantage of higher immunization rates

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take charge of your health and well-being! Make the most of the Houston family physicians that are available to you. Contact Spring Medical Associates today to learn more.

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment and Pain Management in Houston

There are many things that can cause a person to experience back pain and seek pain management in Houston. Injuries resulting from falls or car accidents are among the most common causes of acute spine problems, but other factors can also contribute to long-term back pain.

Many times it starts as a small ache or a twinge that doesn’t go away. This is when people need to be seen by a spine injury and care expert. However, many people often put it off or never get around to having this pain checked out. When the spine is damaged, it can cause a number of issues and problems throughout all the other major systems of the body and can lead to the need for pain management practices.

In some cases, major spinal trauma or prolonged pain and injury can lead to an early onset of osteoarthritis and what is commonly referred to as degeneration of the spine. Injury can involve the bones, ligaments nerves, spinal column, muscles, or any part of the spine, back, neck, and head and all can result in pain management intervention being necessary.

Few things slow you down like a back injury. Pain originating in the spine or back can impact the entire body causing leg cramps, arm stiffness, numbness, headaches, and other health problems. Whether it comes from a spine injury, over use, or a chronic condition, this sort of pain can make the day unbearable and hard to get through.

Find non-surgical treatment that is best for you and your unique situation and get the right pain management in Houston that works for you. Contact Spring Medical Associates today for more information.

Four Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an unfortunate problem that many people encounter as they get older. It can be hard to avoid, as sometimes it happens naturally in the body, but there are a few ways you can try to prevent hearing loss as much as possible.

Protective Gear
If you work at a location where noises are constantly loud, for example, in a plant or construction area, always wear earmuffs or earplugs. This protective gear is created to help prevent hearing issues, which often occur in these career choices.

Lower the Volume
When wearing headphones, consider the volume at which you are listening to music. Sometimes it may seem loud enough for you to enjoy, but when you’re keeping your ears’ health in mind, you don’t want the volume to be too loud. The length of time you listen to music can also help prevent hearing loss.

Stop Smoking
Many people are unaware that smoking can have a negative effect on your hearing, as well as being exposed to secondhand smoke. Tobacco has been proven to increase hearing loss in individuals, so do what you can to quit smoking or avoid areas where others are smoking.

Hobbies Too
Wearing earplugs or earmuffs shouldn’t be limited to work only; consider some of your recreational activities as well. Snowmobiling, musical events, hunting, and other activities can have a negative effect on your hearing as well. Some of these noises are unavoidable, such as a loud amp or a gunshot, so protecting your ears is the best decision.

Worrying about hearing loss isn’t going to help, so staying informed by getting a hearing test in Houston, TX will provide you with relief that you’re doing everything necessary to protect your ear health.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Switch Pediatricians?

Many parents take their children to same pediatrician for years, and it’s not unless they move or the doctor leaves the clinic that they consider finding a new doctor. However, it is possible that a better doctor for your child is out there. If you’re considering switching pediatricians, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Can You See the Doctor When You Need to?
The best pediatrician in Spring, TX must be available when you need her. If you’re told you have to wait days or weeks when you call to make an appointment, it’s time to move on to a clinic that’s more concerned about helping you when necessary. At Spring Medical Associates, if your child can’t see her doctor within a few days, we’ll suggest she see another doctor or nurse practitioner — or head to a walk-in clinic or ER as necessary.

Does the Doctor Answer All of Your Questions?
Doctors are busy, especially pediatricians who have a lot of kids to see. But you should never feel like the doctor is already halfway out the door when he examines your child. The right doctor will be patient and go out of his way to make sure your child is comfortable. He won’t move on to the next patient until all of your questions are answered.

Does the Doctor Have the Right Experience?
The best doctors don’t have to have spent years in the medical field before you consider bringing your child to her, but she should have a good education and years of experience shadowing the best pediatricians. If something feels substandard about your child’s pediatrician, ask about her experience.

Book an appointment with a family doctor at one of our Spring Medical Associates locations to see how you like your child’s new pediatrician. The warm, welcoming environment and our staff members’ patience will make both you and your child feel comfortable. Contact us with any questions you have about switching today.