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Who Needs a Flu Shot?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized due to flu complications — and many of them ignored the yearly warning that it was time to get a flu shot. Perhaps you’re afraid of complications. Maybe you’ve been lucky and have gone years without getting the flu, so you don’t think you need it. Perhaps you’re worried you can’t afford it. However, most adults need a flu shot.

You Probably Need One

Recipients of adult flu shots in Spring, TX and the surrounding areas include most healthy adults because it’s a very low-risk injection that offers many benefits. If you’re having a physical or visiting the doctor for another health concern, he’ll probably ask you about your flu shot and recommend you get one. If you’re not otherwise planning on visiting the doctor, schedule an appointment specifically to get the shot anyway.

Benefits of the Shot

The annual flu shot is tailored to the most common strains of the flu likely to circulate that year. That means that if you are exposed to it, you either won’t show any symptoms at all or you’ll have an extremely mild bout with the flu, one that won’t cause you tremendous pain and discomfort.


If you have any autoimmune disorders, disclose those to your medical providers, as you may be unable to get the flu shot. Likewise, some allergies, such as an egg or latex allergy, may prevent you from safely getting the shot, although there could be alternatives. Some very young and very old people or people suffering from disease may not be able get the shot, so it’s important as a healthy adult you do your part to protect them by not becoming a carrier of the virus.

Schedule an appointment with Spring Medical Associates to get your flu shot today. It’s never too late in the season to protect yourself against the pain and complications of influenza. With few exceptions, most adults should get a flu shot.